Key Steps to Become Best Writer in your Academy

To become the best writer you need to put all your efforts. It takes hard work. No writer is perfect. Practicing makes the man perfect.  Always develop standard in your writing. Start with simple words and understandable. Following are the key steps to become a best writer.

By reading great writers

You need to read great writing so that you will get an idea about writing. Everyone start writing by learning from masters. Don’t copy their writing style.

Practice to write

To become the best writer you need to write every day, many number of times. Writing is a skill which some got by birth and some get by practicing. You can write blog, blog post, diary and such writing improves your writing skill as well as thinking capability.

List down the ideas

Keep a notebook when you read the magazine or the books of great writers. Whatever point comes when you read make a note of it in your book. Having these ideas written down helps to inspire you in your writing, develop the writing skills.

Build a writing ritual

You need find a specific time of a day when you can write without any interruptions and make it as a daily routine. Choose the best time to write and find the best place like library or other places away from the crowd. Write for at least 30 minutes in a day and increase the time based on your interest and you will write better.

Eliminate distractions

Writing is not possible with multi-tasking or other distraction like noises. So choose the right place to write. Don’t use social media application or phone when you write. You can use internet for the references. Don’t wake up in between you write. Sit in a place and focus in one particular work.

Plan before you write

You shouldn’t blindly start writing then it won’t have any meaning. Best thing to do before start writing is you need to plan what to write, how to start, which points to include, what to highlight etc.


If you want to emulate the great writers then just don’t copy the content exactly what they have written. You should always try out with new things. Your topic and content should be unique and genuine which will attract the minds of readers. Invent new words and include it in your writing. Develop different style of writing.


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